For a limited time, get paid to hack the Pentagon! The pentagon is allowing applicants to attempt to breach their security. You must pass a background check before participating, but if you succeed, there will be a cash reward. Their hope is to expose real time security weaknesses. The government spends approximately hundreds of millions of dollars every year attempting to protect their computer systems.


It seems a cyber-attack at the U.S. Federal Government’s human resources agency was hit back in 2015 might have shifted this new approach to security. This tried and true method has worked for many large and successful companies in the past, Apple being one of them. The attack in 2015 unfortunately left millions of U.S. Federal employees and their families susceptible to theft of personnel data. Mikko Hypponen, the chief research officer, suggests that the United States, being as technologically dependable as they are on other nations puts us at risk for cyber-attacks or cyber warfare. Luckily Hypponen has a counteractive plan to discharge bug bounty programs, which brings us back to the hackers attacking the pentagon. Many experts are whole-heartedly behind this idea, and some even think it’s past due.

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The mind boggling part is that the U.S. Department of Defense websites are already receiving billions of attacks. Billions of attempts to breach the United States Department of Defense. Either, these people really want money or, they might have it out for the U.S. and just got a legitimate reason to try. The good news is, with this new project underway, now hackers will have a way to legally report security flaws to the U.S. government, assuming of course, there are good hackers out there.

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