Gartner, a market research firm, reports that 3 million drones might be shipped this year. The global market revenue is said to increase in order to reach $6 billion this year. Hence three million drones are said to be shipped this year, to fulfill various needs.

These drones can fly about a distance of 5000 metres over a height of 500 metres, for an hour. This time is sufficient to satisfy the commercial and personal needs of the consumer.

Gerald Van Hoy, Senior Research analyst, Gartner, says that, ” The commercial and personal drone markets are increasingly overlapping as low priced personal devices are being used for commercial ventures.”

Personal drones are comparatively cheaper as they come handy with lesser features. Whereas the commercial drones are more sophisticated, with higher payload, flight times, redundant sensors to make the even more safer. They also have additional specifications such as mapping, inspection.

The first ever drone drone market  is  agricultural ,it is a different scene now. Now we see many drones from commercial to personal.





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