Usually, buying a knockoff, or a fake brand of something is looked down upon, but it appears there is a new product surfacing the market that is of really decent quality. Although, I’m not suggesting to buy a fake, I do think it’s great to consider the knockoff. What is the item in question you may ask? The amazing Milanese Loop by Apple. The original costs a whopping $149 dollars, however there is an amazing replicated model for the pocket change of the amount of $16. The stigma here is, if it’s cheap it can’t be good, right? Wrong. Consumers say this is a very well created replica considering the price. Ladies and gentlemen, please reconsider your position on this particular model.

The fake Milanese Loop looks like the real deal, from the magnetic clasp, and even down to the packaging. If you’re not particularly knowledgeable about how Apple packages their products, you may even mistake this beauty for being the real deal. When you talk about mimicry, they nailed it. It is almost indistinguishable. There are however a few things that stand out, if you’ve ever owned a real Milanese Loop. The replica feels slightly thinner as well as lighter. It’s also been stated that the replica doesn’t gleam as much. These are the few differences that only you yourself would notice, and not onlookers, unless being carefully examined. Don’t be ashamed to save money in your bank account. These replicas are becoming more and more convincing. Who says you have to spend a fortune to look stylish? I’d rather spend $16 dollars over $149 any day, especially if the differences were so minuscule. Give it a try and see, can your eye find the real model?


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