Facebook is planning to provide us with an updated version of news feed.We facebookers see loads and loads of videos and updates in our timeline. To improve the content and features on its platform Facebook provides us with a newsfeed in which the feed will be programmed to collect the information about the video (how many times the video has been watched and for how long) an thus rating the video. This will result in the ranking of the video clip, the most watched video will be displayed first, in order to give value to the video.

The algorithm will look at how much percent of the video is watched, in order to know which of the videos is mostly watched and which of the videos are completely watched and hence ranked accordingly.

The micro blogging site says, the pages will not see significant changes in their feed, the longer videos that people spend time watching may see a slight increase in the distribution. This could also lead to the increase in the distribution for shorter videos in the feed. Facebookers get ready to experience something new in the news feed soon.


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