Recently Facebook unveiled a new layer of security – Universal 2nd factor i.e. U2F security keys to take the safety of the user accounts to a next level. Each and every time a user does password recovery it is done either by using email or mobile number. We give the same e-mail id for most of the social accounts and hence if a hacker hacks that particular email id then it is easy for him to hack into all your accounts in social media.

To remove such a threat, Facebook has released a new layer of security that is U2F security keys, with second factor authentication feature for login approvals. In this new tool the user must provide an additional authentication to recover their accounts at GitHub. GitHub is a version control repository and internet hosting service.

Brad Hill, security engineer from Facebook says, this will recover access to a user’s account using identities and services which need not be associated with email id or mobile number.

NEED: Since hackers can easily hack your emails there needs to be a platform where the users can recover without using email id’s. The user has to set up this feature by saving a recovery token with their Facebook account. The recovery token is encrypted that is it is broken into bits in order to protect the personal information of the user. To recover the GitHub account e user needs to reauthenticate to Facebook and Facebook will send the token back to GitHub without letting out your personal information. This is a strong layer of security.

Users can also buy and register physical security key to their accounts, after enabling the log in approvals they need to rap this piece of hardware device attached to their USB drives.

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