Looks like Facebook is on a new project to perfect its Snapchat twin. They are basically creating a different version of Snapchat stories, but in a totally new different feel and layout named “Messenger Day”. Users of this app will be able to send and receive ephemeral illustrated and filter-enhanced pictures and vids with the connections and friends. We can’t really be too sure what the difference will be now between Snapchat and Messenger Day, but I can only help but to think that Snapchat didn’t want to be bought out by Facebook, and so now Facebook is doing its own thing.

The app was actually tested in Poland and Australia originally. If their tests prove successful, Facebook hopes to promote more visual communications, so they are focusing on the camera capabilities. VP David Marcus confirmed these thoughts when he stated that the camera would play a vital role in the higher-quality. Just imagine the vivid interactions between loved ones! Snapchat better make some upgrades soon unless they want Facebook to start stealing their users with Facebook’s very own Messenger Day app.

It’s almost certain that Messenger Day will display ads in order to gain revenue. According to the VP of Facebook, it has already proven quite successful for both Instagram and Snapchat. Facebook’s agenda is clear, they would like to secure their dominance in social media, and social media apps. They would like to see the downfall of Snapchat’s global growth. It’s kind of sinister if you think about it, but understandable from a professional and business point of view. Facebook now has its hands in Viber, WhatsApp, WeChat, and of course, Facebook Messenger. They have nearly 3 billion monthly users combined, which is totally amazing. What do you think about Facebook’s dominance in the social media? Will you give Facebook’s Messenger Day a try? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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