Facebook decides to use solar-powered planes and satellites to give free internet services in the remote and unconnected regions of India, other growing nations as well.

Facebook, which is spearheading the platform targeted at giving free web connectivity to remote areas, works on developing a series of new tools which will help in the growth of the internet to the unconnected.

Chris Daniels, who is the Facebook Vice President of at the Mobile World Congress said that they were working closely on these tech in their connectivity labs. They were in early stages of growth.

Facebook tries to reach lots of unconnected areas in Africa and has same plans in India. gives a host of apps free of cost to the unconnected areas and it includes a lighter version of Facebook. The connectivity and great access to the web will aid people take advantage of services in crucial areas such as health, education and employment.

One of the methods is using self-sufficient. “The reason why planes are interesting is that you can have solar-powered planes that stay very high in the sky and provide connectivity… The planes can be fueled by the sun, do not need to have a generator or physical infrastructure on the ground. That’s potentially an attractive way through which we can provide connectivity.”

The satellites offer a similar route. “Through these methods, we can reach areas where optical fiber is not present.”

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