Last year after calamities and attacks, Facebook introduces this new feature, Safety check, where you could tell people that you were safe in that particular attack or calamity. It was seen in their friends notifications whether they are safe or not. The Safety check feature is about to introduce new feature called Community Help in order to help people seek help from their friends nearby when they are in a natural or accidental calamity.

When a person activates the Safety check, he or she marks themselves safe, now, that there is this new feature Community Help, they can also seek help from other masses of people. this feature includes options such as  food, water, shelter, transportation, baby supplies, equipment, toiletries, and a variety of other relief supplies.

On the other hand users who are ready to offer their their help can let other users know, by posting this news. “Since the feature is within Safety Check, it means all the people that are coming to Safety Check through notifications and friend invites can now access this feature without having to create separate groups or documents,” says, Preethi Chetan, Facebook’s Social Good product designer.

If the users are unable to provide help even after the post they can also update their status that they could not be of any help. The feature also has a message button through which people can send message to the person who has posted.

For now, Facebook has released this feature in only six countries, to check its usability. Later on it will be made available for others too. This is rather a useful feature offered by Facebook let us all use it for good cause.


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