Consumers still quite unsatisfied with data protection, and their not the only ones. The European Union is all over the new privacy settings for Microsoft’s Windows 10 operating system. Their changes did arouse some particular concerns, especially after it was officially announced via Microsoft that there would be changes regarding the installation procedure.

If you’re not totally sure what the European Union is, or what their purpose serves, it’s basically just a small group of people, mainly 28 authority members who work towards data security, as well as working to ensure that data protection laws are being followed. It would seem this same group has pressing matters to discuss with Microsoft, considering they have written to the U.S. company stating their concerns regarding security. The main area of concern would be the inability to control how Microsoft combs through their data.

As they are legally obligated to do so, the EA has used the Article 29 Working Party, as a means to ask for a more in depth break down of how Microsoft is collecting and digesting all of our personal data, and for which reasons. Some of which may even include personalized advertisements. They were quoted stating, ” In light of the above, which are separate to the results of ongoing inquiries at a national level, even considering the proposed changes to Windows 10, the Working Party remains concerned about the level of protection of users’ personal data.”

How important is information privacy to you, and do you think we should have more control over our sensitive and private information? How do you think company giants like Microsoft should be able to use it? Should there be more laws intact to help protect us as well as our private and sensitive information? Should there be a certain restriction? Don’t forget to comment below and tell us what you think.

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