Struggling to pick the right motherboard? Don’t fear, along with the new releast of Ryzen processors, it will now be a piece of cake. Motherboard selection is actually an important one, and more importantly the Ryzen processor has the ability to be overclocked. A320 motherboards sadly do not have this facility. If you want to get more out of your CPU, the A320 isn’t that ideal for you. We have seen an appearence of the A320 motherboard at the CES 2017, however, none are as of yet to go on the market.
B350 motherboards are like cheese to macaroni for gamers. Gamers usually stick to a single GPU setup. Luckily on the B350 motherboard, overlcocking is unloacked and available. Just keep in mind that bare-bone motherboards like the A320 for example do not. The B350 motherboard has a chipset pack for support of an additional 10Gbps UsB 3.1 port along with an additional two more CEie lanes for SSDs and all. The real sad point is that the multi-GPU setups are not supported by B350.
X370 motherboards are also good gaming motherboards, at least for a small selection. As oppose to the B350 motherboards, the X370 platform does give you four more 5Gbps USB gen. 1 ports, and that’s twice as many SATA III connections, two additional PCIe lanes, and more importantly, as stated above, dual PCIe 3.0 slots to support something called CrossFire and SLI multi-GPU setups. Basically, if you are a geek, and you want your laptop to have all the most recent tech, this is the motherboard for you.
Ultimately, you will want to research the motherboard very well before you buy it. You will also want to make sure that they will be able to fit in with your needs and your PC needs. Are you a gamer? Do you use a lot of high end apps, or multitasking? Do you require a lot of CPU? These are the questions to ask before jumping into a purchase of any particular motherboard. Be sure to look for specific features for platform liberties, as well as the chipset.

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