If you have been following our other articles about smart devices, security, and privacy, you are probably no stranger to the Wikileaks that have been released lately. Wikileaks landed solid evidence that the CIA has indeed hacked our smart phones, our laptops, our iPhones, IPads, and even tablets, but now it just got so much worse. Wikileaks had a breakthrough scavenging the even more profound dirty secret of the CIA, they have been investigating ways of hacking vehicle computer control systems. This is particularly concerning, and to a grave extent. More of our vehicles are becoming autonomous, or even at least with many autonomous features. Kit Walsh, a staff attorney with the privacy group Electronic Frontier Foundations (EFF) stated, “I think it’s a legitimate concern considering all of the computers being added to cars. There’s no reason the CIA or other intelligence agencies or bad actors couldn’t use those vulnerabilities to hurt people. The risk is greater is you’re trusting a self-driving vehicle.”

As previously stated, the Wikilieaks had leaked several of these documents, and it has been stated, via these documents, that the intent or reason behind all these smart device exploitations is not listed. Being an American citizen, it’s a scary concept to fathom that, a branch of the government is exploiting security vulnerabilities instead of protecting us against them. These are major security breaches and vulnerabilities, it can potentially harm millions of people, should the knowledge of these exploits fall into the wrong hands. These security agencies are meant to provide national defense, but instead it seems more like they are targeting and monitoring the American People. All in the name of defense, but what are they defending us from? It appears we need to be defended from them! We are in stand-by mode, hoping to hear back soon from the CIA about these horrible revealings. What is their real agenda in all this? Big thanks to Wikileaks for the documents! You all stay safe, and be sure to be careful. This new generation technology is not secure, and not safe. In cases like these, old is gold. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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