Cortana, Microsoft’s own virtual assistant is a multi tasking assistant who can type, record, remind etc for the user. It is of great help. But since last Thursday, Cortana has been holding up promises made in emails. The commitments made in emails were also held up. That’s surprising.

Marcus Ash, Partner group program Manager, says, “Cortana can help you remember things which you said you would do in your email without even asking. Cortana automatically recognizes when you make a commitment in your email and proactively suggests you to follow a reminder just at the right time.”

Cortana is a digital assistant with artificial intelligence and hence it can recognize when the user makes a promise or commitment in the mail.

The reason why this brilliant assistant is doing this is, we tend to make promises in mails and later on our work increases emails pile up and hence the result us we forget about it. There it is. Cortana is doing us a favor.

People those who want Cortana to be their assistant need to sign into Cortana and give permission to access your mails and other stuff.

Assistants with artificial intelligence in devices have now rather become a necessity. All the giants of telecom such as Amazon, Apple, Samsung, Microsoft are interested and constantly working on such programs to give the users a better intelligent “assistant”.

Artificial intelligence has begun to rule our homes or work places, they have sophisticated features such as reminding you about your appointment and even telling you to set out early incase of traffic.






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