Lunatic celebrity Hacker, who has stole privacy details from over 130 celebrities was Convicted by the U.S District Judge Paul A. Engelmayer in Manhattan on Tuesday.

Alonzo Knowles, a 24-year-old Bahamian, was found guilty for Hacking and stealing e-mails, contacts and sex tapes of around 130 Celebrities, maintain a separate data base. He was arrested last year with a whole bunch or records that possessed many un released movies and copy right infringements.

The Judge who sentenced him twice than that of the Federal sentencing claimed in a Journal report in New York said that “It would be clear and present danger to commit the same crime again and again”

The hacker made a remorse statement that he has handed over all the unreleased scripts, songs and 1,900 $ in cash. His laptop was seized by late December and was left completely unrecovered, technically destroyed. When the Hard disk was over ridden the investigators found that it had

  • Social Security numbers for actors and professional athletes
  • Private, explicit images
  • Scripts for unreleased TV shows and movies and even contract documents
  • Emails and phone numbers of at least 130 celebrities
  • Sex tapes of celebrities

As per the reports given by the Cops the hacker was caught red handed, when he was flying to New York to Bahamas on an expedition to sell the Scripts of TV shows, 15 Unreleased movies and Social Security Numbers (SSN) of few actress and two athletes to an Undercover Department of the Homeland Security agent for 80,000 $.

But these did not stop the hacker. The Prosecutors made a report that, Knowles still is being the same. Continuously exploiting celebrities of their privacy even after being pleaded guilty.

Then the judge comes up with a very shocking script of the hacker which said that the hacker would write a book soon Quoting “Shake Up Hollywood” which costs 35 $ per copy, which ended up by the hacker saying that “When I get out I’m going to shake up Hollywood”. Which sounds like the hacker has already planned to do for a very long time.

Knowles claimed out that the book will possess information based on “Jeopardize their careers, their security and their personal relationship”

However, none of the celebrities were found to raise complaints on this act of the hacker. Until when 20th Century Fox made a statement to the U.S District Judge, about this insane cyber-crime. When there was, a conduct made on last Tuesday, Knowles made an apology saying that he regretted “the Stupid things I did and said”. Wonder what happened behind bars made his mind to change and apologize.

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