Hey there readers, so if you have been following the buzz around the autonomous cars lately, you know that Uber just got their permits for autonomous vehicle operations, however, what you don’t know now is, they will be human less. State and government officials in the state of California have suggested a few possible rules this past Friday. These rules would let the companies with test ready autonomous vehicles run drills on the busy, pedestrian filled streets. The real kicker here is, there would be no person in the vehicle. Since the whole self-driving buzz started back in 2014, there have been many reservations about such products entering the market, however, today, these self-driving cars have man regulations and rules. Of course, these companies would need to get a special permit and also meet federal requirements in order to do so. They are outlined by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Just thinking about a bunch of cars buzzing down the streets of downtown without a human in the driver’s seat is slight scary, but also cool at the same time.

I do expect to see companies such as Google and Uber to obtain such permits. It is however a bit of a strenuous process. In order to even be considered for the permit, one must gather written support from their local jurisdiction that they would like to test inside of. This would also give the governments the ability to reject the testing as well. Although you might have just heard about Google and Uber, maybe to your surprise, there are actually up to 21 companies which are currently exploring autonomous capabilities, according to the California Department of Motor Vehicles. “California has more manufacturers testing autonomous vehicles than any other state and today’s rules continue our leadership with this emerging technology,” stated Brian Kelly, California Transportation Agency Secretary. California isn’t the only one who is trying to give these companies a way to expand on their autonomous technology. Michigan is also welcoming the companies to test in their state as well. What do you think about cars without human drivers? Will you feel safe knowing that there is nobody behind the wheel, or would you prefer there still be a human driver in the driver’s seat at least? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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