There has been a big fight going on since October of last year over online privacy. The Republican party has been doing its absolute best to ensure that the FCC cannot mitigate how the major network providers inside the U.S. manage our personal online data.

Republican Senator Jess Flake of Arizona just his past Tuesday evening motioned a that would bypass the FCC’s bill passed late last year. The loophole would use the Congressional Review Act in order to make a repeal of the rules. This motion currently has 21 supporters, and it would ensure that the FCC’s attempts for consumer privacy would go in vain.

If you are not up to speed on the current situation, basically, the FCC has been trying to get stricter rules regarding consumer online privacy, or at least disclose in laymen’s terms, how the consumer’s data is collected and used. It’s not just the problem of the data being collected, but how it is also being shared with third party entities, and other outside locations. The FCC really all in all wanted a structured set of privacy regulations. Their main goal was to protect sensitive and personal information of the customers and online users. The FCC rules would also put a limitation to how the network providers can use the information which they collect about their unsuspecting users.

The reason why this is a huge ordeal is because of the fact that it is considered a huge violation of privacy. More often than not, today many Americans have a huge concern over their data privacy. Luckily, the FCC has actually put a pause over these new rules, and there is an ongoing provision that would require the customers to agree to their data being used. This plan is unfortunately still under review at the White House.

Obviously, this would be a huge income deficit for all the major companies, as they do make a whopping off of selling our personal data and information. This is basically all about Google and Facebook, as they are the major advertisers online in the market today. This is all just a scheme to achieve more targeted advertisements, in order to generate sales. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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