­Google Play, one of the major forums to download apps is now set to secure the use of apps by removing the apps which are free from privacy policies in order to maintain security during the time of use. Hence as a warning, Google is sending notices to the developers of apps which use personal and private information of the user but failed to give any privacy policy. The deadline given to them is March 15, by that time if they fail to improve the privacy policy their apps will no longer be visible in Google play.

Many developers have been receiving this notice if they do not provide a needed privacy policy. The saddest part is that there are thousands of apps without the basis privacy policy. Well Google has made its move, its only a matter of time now, after which all apps will be secured. Google’s user data policy conveys that, the developer should be transparent enough about how they handle user data. The app is also required to obey some restrictions or procedures if necessary by an applicable law.

Privacy policy and Secure data Transmission states that, “If your app handles personal or sensitive user data including personal, financial, payment data, microphone and contact details then your app must post a privacy policy in both designated field and Play data console and from within the Play data app itself, also, must handle the user data securely including transmitting it with modern cryptography.”

If the developers fail to do so either their visibility will be limited or removed from Play. They should either provide a privacy policy or should stop asking permission to access personal information or user data.

Users do see the privacy policy before you download any app.


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