Currently, the iPhone has such a variety in different color choices to choose from, it definitely supersedes any of the previous versions in that sense. Apple recently released two different colors on the market just this past autumn, they also happened to take one color off the market. Not everyone may be particularly excited by this alone, especially considering that many had experienced some chipping of the Jet Black color. It would appear the finish on the matte back was a tad bit too easily scratched.

Interestingly enough, Apple may possibly be coming up with a color we’ve never even seen released on an iPhone before! As exciting as that is, that color may be red, according to Macoakara, a Japanese blog that takes information from Barclays. Before any of the skeptics say anything, yes, there was a red “plastic” iPhone 5c, but this would not be. We are expected to see the unveil of the red iPhone 7 this March, along with another surprise of a possible update for the iPhone SE. It’s likely that a 128GB iPhone SE could also be released, especially considering that many are not happy with the 16GB or even the 64GB. In a world filled with so many snapshots, selfies, and timelines, it’s important to have the memory for it. These two products are expected to be at your disposal shortly after the unveiling itself, but we won’t see them in stores until later on this year sometime in May.

Have an iPhone 7? What has been your favorite color so far? Do you think the standard 16, 32, or 64 GB is enough, or do you think that there is a real need for the 128GB device? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with us, comment, like, and definitely do share!

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