App Store is the ever popular method of downloading apps on devices powered by iOS. App Store currently contains over 2 million apps created by many different developers around the world. Managing so many apps can be a tough job especially when it is one among the hundred other jobs and when it shows a red sign to evolution of technology.

A large percent of the apps that are in use on App Store at present are currently out of date and are not optimised for the latest versions of iOS and masOC. Hence, Apple has been trying to get back their ‘quality’ by trying to clean up all of these useless apps, especially the ones that crash as soon as you open it. They are going to go through an evaluation process in which they will be removing apps that are just not fit enough to exist in the App Store world (because their creators didn’t take care of them well). This process will start on the 7th of September.

An email was sent out to the developers asking (rather telling) them about two things:

  • Quality apps: Quality apps are essential for the credibility and obviously quality of Apps Store. Hence, as previously stated, they have decided to trash all their useless apps that haven’t been updated to meet the criteria of the latest operating systems.
  • Shorter App Names: This feature is aimed at developers with evil brains that try to bring their app to the top of the search results but using long names that include not only the name of the app, but also it’s description. Such names are not completely displayed on the App Store and hence they provide no user value. Hence, new apps and updates will now be limited to 50 characters.

This process will allow more room for new, creative apps that are currently under development that

are fully functional in the latest iOS and macOS. It is just making way for technological evolution.

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