Microsoft one of the giants in computing firms, is bringing out this new project called “Project Rome” where the Windows 10 PC can be accessed or remotely controlled by apps in a Android mobile. Project Rome is nothing but an Android apps software developing kit (SDK) where developers can create applications to control a part of windows 10 PC.

To perform this action, the app which is using SDK must log into a Microsoft account available in the PC and phone. Then the app scans the local network for a Windows PC with Project Rome’s support. When Windows is found it can be used to launch a Windows 10 app or even launch a website by typing the URL. In the future, Microsoft is paving its way to make Android apps available for Windows and which could be used from a desired smart phone. In the sense the app can remotely control the PC like launching apps and sites or remotely use to movies through media player and much more can be done.

This feature should not be misunderstood, this new feature is solely introduced to use android apps in Windows PC with a smart phone.

Since Windows PC has not received good momentum for its apps, it wants to be the firm who encourages the use of Android apps and it’s development.

Enjoy controlling your apps in Windows 10 PC from your smartphone.


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