Amazon a great application for online shopping. Being one of the leading companies, Amazon wants to continue its investment in India, as it announces the fourth quarter earnings. Since Amazon reached 22% year-on-year in its 4th quarter earnings, the company considers India to be a very important market place. Amazon says, it is very “bullish” on India because of the response from both customers and sellers.

Brain Olsavsky, CFO, Amazon, says that,  investments in India, digital content services, and Prime benefits are the basic reasons for the slow growth in overall revenue. Amazon has made huge investment in India stating its long term stay in the market.

Brain also said in the earnings call that,”We are very encouraged with what we’ve created with customers and sellers alike in India over the last few years. We continue to develop new functionality for that country, whether it’s delivery, whether it’s seller features. We rolled out Prime last summer if you’ll remember, and we recently launched Prime Video in India. We don’t expect India to be any different. We will continue to build our business there and continue to do a great job for both customers and sellers. We’re bullish on India longer-term and it’s early. But we like the initial engagement we’re seeing and the response from, again, both customers and sellers.” The talks came in after the launch of Prime Video in India.

Amazon set its foot in India on June 2013 and its investment in 2014, was around $2 billion and in 2k16 its investment is about $3 billion. Amazon’s chief, Jeff Bezos, states that, India was Amazon’s fastest growning regions.

Amazon seller services, received about Rs7000 crore in one year. Hence this is the conclusion by Amazon that it will continue marketing in India and would be beneficial for both sellers and customers.


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