We have seen that many times, government agencies, and even law enforcement have tried to force various tech giants into surrendering over possible evidence into their custody in order to help them with their investigations. We have seen a strong resistance from many, including Apple, who just last year, even wouldn’t assist with the San Bernardino terrorist’s iPhone. This time, it’s Amazon’s turn. With an interest to protect customer’s privacy and sensitive data, Amazon has respectfully declined to hand over the recordings to the local police enforcement agency. According to Amazon, they aren’t trying to obstruct justice, but once again, emphasis on customer’s right’s and privacy. Amazon states that voice commands and Alexa’s responses are covered and protected by the First Amendment.

The deceased was a former Georgia police officer named Victor Collins. Unfortunately, his body was discovered floating in a tub, with strange lip and eye swellings. James Andrew Bates, the alleged best friend reported it in, stating that his friend had drown to death. Due to the suspicious nature of the death, it’s being treated as a homicide, and the Bluetooth Echo speaker sitting nearby was active and streaming. Lead investigators believe that if they obtain the recordings from Alexa, from the Echo device, then they would be able to prove discrepancies in Mr. Bates Alibi, or at least give more intel on what really happened that fateful night. Amazon did pledge that the prosecutors didn’t really produce a convincing need for the data so far, but, Amazon is adamant that they want the courts to review first, and make sure that it pertains to the case they are working on, before it goes over to the law enforcement.

What do you think? Is it right for the government to use our technology against us? Should tech giants support government agencies, or protect our privacy instead? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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