Alexa has some new features that you will want to hear about. Amazon has set things off into motion to release, potentially two or more Alexa-driven electronic devices this year itself. The best part? It will permit people to start and engage in phone calls via voice commands. These devices will also kind of work as a walkie talkie with other devices that use Alexa. It basically is somewhat of an intercom system, per insiders.

Just this past month, the hardware was seen being tested in beta mode inside of Amazon itself. Insiders are letting us know to expect an official announcement from Amazon soon. Unfortunately, the Amazon spokesperson didn’t give us any comments in regards to the comments. Amazon has been on a role lately, as per data charts, Echo and the Echo dot have been hot on the market in the U.S., it was probably one of the most sold products. Amazon is always looking to make them more adaptable to our everyday use. Amazon will also have some competition with Google now, as Google’s Assistant has also now came out, and works with your smart home.

Most of us use our speakers for music streaming, or even updates on the weather or traffic, but there are thousands of other skills that Alexa possess, some of which have surprisingly been unpopular. Amazon hopes that this new voice-activated calling feature will boost their product to the top. We have also heard rumors of Amazon adding in a video camera, however, even our insiders are not sure if it will be released this cycle or the next.

A spokesperson from Nucleus stated, “The startup “cannot speak to Amazon’s plans” but “when we think about the future of connected devices within the home, Nucleus is focused on building the future of simple family communication. There are plenty of other video platforms out there, and will likely be many more, but none that let you see your loved ones in under a second with one simple tap or voice command.”

We still don’t have too much information regarding how Alexa will be able to make our calls for us, whether it’s a phone and contact synchronization, or what have you, but we will certainly find out soon. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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