Round shaped smartphone

Monohm, which is a small company is about to release the Runcible in Japan later this year. Actually, Runcible is the first perfectly round shaped smartphone of the world.

Actually it is not just a smartphone. The company is marketing the smartphone as an “heirloom”. They even call it as an “anti-smartphone.” It is specially meant for the ones, who wish to focus on their surroundings, not always stick in to their phones as they beep and vibrate.

This Monohm’s anti-smartphone, Runcible, is going to function with Firefox Operating System. It will also have some custom built applications for their perfect round shaped screen.

The Monohm has also released some images of the perfect round shaped smartphone. As befits the approach of the company, the pictures are mostly in natural surroundings and do not show much of what is going with the screen. But they will give you an idea of what kind of vibe Monohm is aiming for.

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