That’s right folks, 75 thousand Mercedes-Benz vehicles in the United Kingdom are going to be recalled due to a fire hazard. This isn’t just affecting the United Kingdom though; this is also a world-wide concern. More than fifty-one fires have occurred within the vehicles. Luckily, there have been no injuries or fatalities reported according to the firm. According to Daimler, the main part of the problem lies in faulty wiring. The fault directly impacts the fuse inside of the vehicle. In A, B, C, and E-class vehicles even the CLA, GLA, and GLC cars, there could be a problem with overheating in certain conditions.

According to the company, these said conditions typically occur during the startup process, versus while the car is running already. Do not fret though Mercedes lovers, a fix is already underway. With a new implementation in the works of the new cars, and vehicles on many dealer lots, there will need to be a lot of fixing done before any more of them are purchased. If you think UK has been affected badly, just look at the United States. More than 300,000 cars are affected there. So there you have it folks, do not buy a Mercedes-Benz for a while, unless you want to have a barbeque, then you might get some use out of the thousands of dollars you spend on it. First Samsung had a tough year last year with its devices catching fire, like their washers, and especially their dryers. Now even the German car company is facing the same issue of faulty product. Do you think there should be more safety precautions in place in order to keep us safe before such products do hit the market? Do you believe that Mercedes-Benz should be held accountable for their faulty product? Don’t forget to like, comment, and share!

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